Jump to SKY

Crazy robot wants to reach sky. It can't fly but it can jump through to sky. Be careful of angry birds and don't forget to collect metals. Because you will buy upgrades with the metals which you collect during game play. You will be able to jump higher and control your robot better jump higher. You can control robot by arrow keys.

Jetpack Jane

A distance / launch game, with a lot of polish and speed!

Insane Orbex

Bounce the ball past your opponent to earn as many points as possible in Insane Orbex. To complete this game make sure you get a total of 32 points. Watch out for negative and positive gravity wells, it will affect the ball's trajectory. There are also blocks and mini bosses so be alert and bounce the ball carefully. Good luck.

Indirect Assault 2

In Indirect Assault 2, you have to use your huge swinging chain ball to eliminate all the enemy space craft. If they hit you you're going to lose a lot of life very quickly, so try to master swinging and avoiding! Pick up boosters and power-ups to ensure your supremacy! The more you move in one direction, the more you can get your chain to swing!


Ready for some more Indestructo-Fun? Back for even more blasts, take on the Role of IndestructoTank pilot Dirk Danger and play through all new game modes!

In The Hunt

In the Hunt is a 2D shoot'em up side-scrolling. The company Dark Anarchy threatens to destroy the most important cities of the world. Your mission will be to protect the world and save people. Aboard a submarine war, destroy all enemy fleets in the air, under the water everywhere! In the Hunt is playable alone or two players.

Im With Stupid

Help the Doofus traverse the hazardous terrain walking over the various types of floor tiles and balloons to reach the exit. You can use balloons to prevent doofus from hurting himself. Hint : be careful because you can only have 3 balloons on the screen at any one time. Make sure to figure out what obstacles are in the stage and react to it quickly. Have fun!

Icy Gifts 2

Christmas is in danger because our dear Santa, along with his gifts, is frozen! Help save the Christmas by releasing Santa from the ice and collecting all the gifts. Gifts and coins can fetch you power ups and a wide variety of mines to create a more powerful explosion. The coins can also be traded to win rewards in the slot game. Unlock 45 levels to play the endless mode. So get set to save Santa on this fun filled Christmas game!

Hybrid Fighter

Hybrid Fighter is a modern version of a classic arcade space shooting game. Where it differs though is some of the alien invaders drop power-ups. Shoot down the Alien fleet formations in order to proceed to the next level. You get different points for destroying different types of aliens. Shoot the alien UFO to gain bonus points.


This is a classic top-down view shoot-em-up game. The aim is to fly over the enemy territory and destroy their military base. As you carry on the destruction, the enemy will try to retaliate strongly. Protect yourself from their fighter jets and also the missile launchers. You will find many power-ups along the way to enhance your shield and weapons.

Hummer Differences

Welcome to another game that belongs to the concept of games in which you'll need to find the differences between the pictures, the game called Hummer Differences. The goal is to find all of the five differences in the given amount of time. Don't make more than 5 mistakes on the way. If you don't want to play with the limited amount of time, try and play the game without the time limitation. This is to be done by pressing T from the keyboard. Good luck!

Hog Hunter

The rules are simple: shoot as many hogs as possible in 60 seconds. faster you click the hogs the more will spawn and gain more points you only have 60 seconds to play each level so play fast if you miss the hog you lose points so be careful to not miss the hogs. To play this game Click your mouse to shoot


A simple yet increasingly challenging puzzle game about lighting a path through hexagons. Use the mouse to light up unlit tiles (by rolling over them), with the brighter coloured tiles as starting points. Click to restart the level. Some tiles have different requirements, such as needing to be covered twice or in a particular order.

Heidi One

Heidi One is a space based shooting game. The aim is to fly an advanced spaceship armed with plasma guns and missiles. Wipe out the enemy forces from each sector to proceed to the next. You'll earn power-ups and gold for shooting down each enemy. Use the gold to upgrade your shields and buy missiles.

Gold Hunters

Gold Hunters is a fun puzzle platform game where you must throw the gold to your fellow teammates and reach the goal as quickly as possible. Use the walls to rebound or use dynamite to burst through fragile walls. Try to get 3 stars for a perfect run, collect rubies for an extra challenge and try to avoid the enemies. Good luck!

Go To Hell

Dig, dig, and dig again into the depths of hell on your search for riches and lost treasures on Go To Hell. Be careful throughout this game as dreadful creatures await for you and don't get stuck underneath the heavy boulders or you'll get a one way ticket to hell itself. Try to figure out ways to neutralize each element using another one and you'll be fine. Grab the snacks on the way down or you'll end up starving to death.

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