Star Runner

Star Runner is a platform game, you must guide the little yellow character around and collect all the red stars to complete each level. plan your route carefully and use the ladders to avoid the baddies, because if you come into contact with one you will have to restart that level. There are also bonus stars that gain you extra points.

Star Ball

Star Ball is a remake of the classic Breakout Platform Game. In the game, there are a few layers of bricks lined up at the top of the screen. You have to break the bricks by hitting them with a ball. You have a movable paddle to bounce the ball upwards, keeping it in play. There are lots of power-ups to collect to make the game more interesting. When all the bricks are destroyed you move onto a new level.


Splatman is similar to Pac-Man, but with beautiful 3D animations and best of all... coffee! Work your way through the maze, avoid the ghosts and drink coffee to power up. There's even a level editor for a unique and original challenge every time. Clear the stage to progress to new and interesting environments!


In Spartacus, you play as Spartacus, and as the legend says, your goal as a true warrior to fight for freedom! Break out of the gladiator arena and into the streets of Rome to fight the mighty Empire! Fight through eight challenging levels, against unique boss enemies, then go and destroy your enemies with style in the cinematic mode.

Space Pong

Space pong is a relaxing yet challenging arcade game in which the user much launch the ball and bounce it through objectives to score points. Reach the point limit to progress to the next level and avoid objects that are glowing red. Hitting them will reduce your points and inhibit your progress to the next stages of this arcade game.

Space Pips

The hottest Geometry Wars-style action seen in a Flash game! Shoot those space muthas. game gets harder as you kill more, more and different things will spawn and try and kill you. WASD or cursor keys to move. Space to fire bombs. Escape or Q to enter the shop for upgrades. Collect pips to spend at the shop!

Space Escape

In Space Escape you must guide your space ship through the space maze safely by avoiding all the obstacles and traps. You have to reach the flashing yellow square before the time runs out to proceed to the next level. There are plenty of extra points, time bonuses and power-ups for you along the way. Be wise in collecting the power-ups as some are useful and some are not.


In a world over run by terrorists, you are thrown into the heat of it of the fight to quell the onslaught quickly. Start off in Chechnya, and carry out your orders to destroy all you see. Soldier is a top-down scroller a bit like metal slug,Pick up weapons along the way (flamethrowers, grenades, etc) to take out your enemy quickly and with finesse. Beware! You have three lives to start, and one hit will kill you, try and dodge enemy bullets while shooting..


Snowball is a 'Breakout' style Arcade Game. You control the little Santa character and bounce your magic snowball off your snowboard to break the gift boxes, evil monsters are hiding in some of the boxes. There are special power-ups to collect that will make clearing the screen easier, although some will make it more difficult, so avoid those.


A unique and robust twist on the classical snake gaming experience. Hunt or be hunted!! Controls Mouse ââ

Snake 3d

Snake 3D has the same rules as the classic snake game we all use to play on old phones. The first aim is to control your snake and feed him the red squares to accumulate points. The second aim is to ensure he does not crash into any of the outer walls or himself. The game gets tricky because the more he eats the longer he becomes. The game is a 3D Shockwave Game, so Shockwave browser plug-in is needed.


A fun physics based toy where you control a little ragdoll that you can play with and generally destroy. simple and fun stick-man game where the aim for the game is to hurt the stick-man as much as possible by tossing him around the room and making him bleed. You are able to click and move any part of his body and move it at your own will.

Sling Ice Junior

Make all the white pegs on the screen green by touching them in Sling Ice Junior a super puzzle game. You can sling your character to each one by dragging the mouse, use special items in the some levels to your advantage, such as bugs which move. The exit will appear after all white pegs are coloured. Do this as quickly as possible for maximum score!

Slimy Slim: Trapped!

After saying the wrong words at the teleportation station, Slimy Slim has arrived at the wrong destination, The Tower of Vertically! The only thing that Slimy can do now is to jump all the way out of the tall tower... but it is not as easy as it sounds... Music in the background which can be turned off in the bottom left.

Sliding Jack

As a kid, Jack was always getting harassed by bullies, and couldn't really do anything about it, until something unnatural happened to him. A strange accident turned Jack into a superhero with special abilities. Use your super rainbow powers to beat the bullies, get a payback and save the townspeople!

Sky Machine

The Wright Brothers are testing their new, innovative "sky machine". Choose between the two brothers and help them fly their plane as far as possible, to further the popularity of their glorious 1905 creation and into the history books! Remember to collect potions for nitro boost and stay higher in the air as possible.

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