Stinky Bean

Stinky Bean is a Platform Adventure Game. You are a bean, you must collect your bean pistol so you can shoot the furry baddies. You can also jump on them to kill them. The bad news is that they just keep on coming and if they touch you, or you are hit by their red beans you will die, So try and escape if you can. If you jump too close to the sun he will bat you to death. Sorry but being a bean must really stink.

Squirrel Mania

Arknoid and Breakout now combine with squirrels to give you Squirrel Mania! Help the squirrels to gather the necessary food items they need for the upcoming winter. Each level, the squirrel will speed up to get more and more food. Keep up with him by bouncing him off of leaves held together by neighboring chipmunks. Can you help them in time to get what they need?!

Squirrel Care

Autumn is here and soon the squirrels of the forest will need help to gather nuts and hibernate for the winter. It's your first day at the woodland animal studio. Your job is to look after these small young squirrels so that they will stay healthy and clean. Take care of them and dress them in forest clothing.

Spunky vs Aliens

In Spunky Vs Aliens, the aliens are invading your neighborhood and it's down to you, Spunky the Dog, to take the fight to the aliens and stop the invasion!! They've destroyed your masters' house, and now you're really, really mad! Remember you have unlimited ammo so don't let those aliens defeat you!

Space Monkey

In Space Monkey, the objective of the game is to destroy all the rocks. Trying to get as many power-ups as you can to aid you in obliterateing the flying rocks. A tip would be to hide in the right corner if you are in doubt. Using all the tools at your disposal to win! the game and achieve a high score on this very spacey game!

Snowman Care

Winter is here and it is your job to spread a little magic and bring a whole group of snowmen to life. Start by building your own snowman and then with a wish, your snowman will come alive and need you to keep it happy and healthy. Play a game of snowball throwing and then dress up your snowman with festive accessories.

Snake Challenge

In this cool snake game, eat all eggs before time runs out to complete each level. Snake is hungry. Guide Snake through scrolling maze and get points for collecting eggs, fruits and some extras.

Smooth Softshell Jigsaw Puzzle

A simple jigsaw puzzle featuring a smooth softshell turtle.

Skywire 2

In Skywire 2, the objective of the game is to control the carriage by accelerating or reversing on the skywire using the up and down arrow keys. Avoid running into objects at all costs because if you hit an object in the area you will lose passengers. You only have three passengers in total. Do you have what it takes? Good luck, and have fun!

Singing Horses

This is not really a game but rather a Flash Toy. There is no win or lose. The way you play is to start by turning up your computer speakers. Then click on any one of the four horses to make it start singing. There after clicking on another and then another to create a custom tune. Sit back, relax and enjoy what you just created.

Sim Stables

Buy a horse in Sim Stables and take care of it by feeding it, training it and maintaining it so that it is always at its top form. Try to win races by pushing your horse at the right times, don't over exert your horse or you will fail! Enjoy taking care of the horses in your stable, make sure it has enough food in this horse racing animal care game.

Show Jumping

Show Jumping is a horse jumping game in which you must guide your horse around the track and cleanly jump over each obstacle that presents itself. Press the up arrow key to run faster and the space key to jump whilst in this mode, but be warned, your horse will become tired and needs time to regenerate, and you can only fail two jumps before you are disqualified.

Sheep Reaction

Sheep Reaction is a great click reaction game which requires lightening reflexes and nerves of steel. Click the tranquilizer button whenever you see a sheep leaving the flock and running for freedom. There are five sheep to stop. But be warned, there's a 3 second penalty if you shoot a dart when no sheep are running.

Sheep Pool

Sheep Pool is a mixture of Sheep Farming and 8 Ball Pool Game concept. The object is very simple, use the dog to round up the numbered sheep into the relevantly numbered pockets as fast as you can. You must pocket the sheep in order and complete the task before your points/time runs out. The points you are left with are the points you end up with, so speed is critical.

Sheep Come Home

Help the sheep get home by controlling them with different commands. Pass obstacles and herd all the sheep safely back to the house. Use different arrows to guide the sheep around hazards and obstacles but eventually back to the house. Avoid the animals that are out to harm the sheep by going around them or tricking them.

Seek Speed

Seek Speed , is a game where you need to spot the face and drag the face into the right box after you drag 20 of them into the box you earn points if you drag a wrong face into any of the other boxes it will be game over and you will have to start again. Press you left mouse drag the animal in the small box

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