Salta Col

Salta Col is a jumping game like no other. Today there is only one male and female Salta col in existence but unfortunately they are worlds apart. You have to help the male reach the female through a series of caves in Badmilk or else the Salta col will become extinct. Make him jump through the levels, open the exit doors using the lever and move on to the next level. Avoid all the bushes and other obstacles along your way.

Safari Park Apeldoorn

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion's stuck on top of a safari car! Balance the lion during sharp turns, help him lean to the side, and narrowly dodge the giraffes, trees, and other dangerous obstacles as he goes for a ride through the safari. Watch your balance meter on the bottom to be sure he doesn't fall off!

Rush Hour

Rush Hour is a collecting game. The aim of the game is to collect as many stars as you can before the time runs out. The faster you collect the stars, the higher your score becomes. You need to be careful, if you get hit by cars or any other dangerous obstacles, you will lose time on the clock. If you run out of time, you will lose, so move as fast as you can.

Running with the Bulls

In Running with the Bulls, you need to avoid the bulls running towards you and without ever touching your fellow runners, otherwise the game will be over. The bulls can also run in different directions so always observe their movements and anticipate escaping them by dodging their charges. Good Luck!

Run Run

Timing is key in Run Run. You have a very limited arsenal of moves: small jump with the UP arrow, and a big jump with the SPACEBAR. Touching any object on screen will reduce your life count. Even though you have a lot, and there are only 25 levels, you will be tested to get out of the warehouse with no damage. Have you got what it takes to Run Run?

Rossy Mermaids

Coloring Books for all who love fairy tales with mermaids, underwater treasures and colorful fish. Have fun and paint each of the four images by selecting colors from the palette. Create your own fairy tale about mermaids. You can print out. Play more free games with Rossy Coloring Games.

Roly Poly

Help Roly Poly, the hedgehog to get to the finish line by rotating the game screen to make him roll. As you tilt the screen, Poly will curl into a ball and roll down the slope. Try to get to the finish as fast as possible. Watch out for spikes and traps and don't dawdle, you might run out of time in this skill games physics game.

Rodent Tree Jump

Rodent Tree Jump is a Jumping Game. You play as a squirrel competing against three other squirrels in a jumping contest. Land as close to the target as possible to score the most points, but also try to aim for the bonus stars for extra points. Aim to have the best score after every three rounds. Use the spacebar to look ahead and find the target.

Rodent Road Rage

Choose your own favourite rodent. Put it inside a car and race it down to the finish line. Sounds fun? Wait 'till you see how each rodent performs on the spot. Control your race car while doing awesome jumps and try to land lean on the ground in order gain the advantage. Step on it and finish in the top 3 list and unlock all the levels in the game. Bonus: Special rodent with special abilities waiting to be unlocked.

Rocket Pets

Upgrade your pet and try to get as far as possible, collect coins, buy new assets and have a lot of fun!

Reindeer Care

Ho ho ho. It's your first day at the Lapland animal studio. Your job is to look after these festive reindeer so that they will stay healthy and clean this Christmas. Choose from either free time or timed mode, and then care for 5 different reindeer and help them to look their best ready for Christmas.

Red Milk Snake Jigsaw

Jigsaw Puzzle featuring a Red Milk Snake as the backdrop. Three level settings to choose from Easy to Hard. Each feature will test your brain on combining the pieces back together. Easy mode separates into only a few pieces, whilst Hard will really test you on how you can envision overlapping pieces into one picture. There's only one remaining question: Are you an 'edge' or 'image' kinda player?

Red Dream Swans Puzzle

Red Dream Swans Puzzle is a jigsaw puzzle game of a picture of two swans. There are five different sizes of the puzzle you can choose from ranging from 12 pieces to 99 pieces. Whilst playing the game there is a Grid button which will put a grid on the board making it a little easier to do the puzzle. There is also a Resolver button which will instantly resolve the puzzle for you if you are having problems finishing it.

Rat Fishing

Lure the rats out from their homes with cheese! Rat fishing is the new trend in a city overrun by the rodent infestation. Call out the pest control to strategically position some smelly cheese to lead them back to the gutters in this challenging brain provoking pest control game.


Ramparts is a strategy defense game in which you have to defend your lines from the hordes of monsters that attack you. You must build a perfect defense for every type of monster that will attack you, so chose careful from the defense units you have. You can build ground defense, ice defense towers, poison and air defense units but also upgrades for those units and gold. Every stage of the game has a number of enemy units that will attack but you will earn gold by killing them, gold that you will use for upgrades. Try to stay alive!

Raccoon Racer

Raccoon Racer is a sort of kart and boat race with animals, easy to play and fun for all ages. The objective is simple, Finish first! You can chose your driver from two character at first but the other animal drivers will be unlocked further into the game. You will collect weapons, power ups, rockets and mines to stop the other drivers. Try to make the best lap and win the race to unlock the next stage. The graphic design is nice with tracks made of ice cream and sweets perfect for little animals to race on.

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