Jumping Bananas

Jumping for bananas has never been this challenging! You are a hungry monkey looking for bananas. You have several enemies in the area that might prevent you from getting your precious bananas. Ranging from snakes to hedgehogs, even superman is trying to block your way! Good Luck! Don't let anything stand between a monkey and his banana!

Jigsaw: Aqueduct Sheep

An aqueduct across country lands. You can play this jigsaw puzzle in a few modes relaxed or hard mode, hard mode is where you are timed and given a score on how fast on finish the puzzle, where as relaxed mode you finish the puzzle when you can. To play this jigsaw puzzle use your mouse to click on the pieces and drag to move them.

Japanese Baseball

Japanese Baseball is a simple but addictive sports game where the aim of the game is simple, hit the ball with your bat as far as possible to accumulate maximum points, the game of baseball is an action packed sport. Your score is calculated at the end of each game. A tip from us, try hitting the ball with the end of the bat.

Jade Wolf

Jade the white wolf is on an adventure! Defeat all the enemies, find secret areas and show the pack who is the alpha male around here! Use the keyboard to guide your wolf friend, collect all the jade statues and bonuses in this massive high quality graphic, adventure platform game, that will surely waste hours of your time.

Jackhammer Rampage

Jackhammer Rampage is a brutal animal game where you hunt down cute little rabbits/bunnies. Riding on your jackhammer, you get points for mowing down escaping bunnies. Be careful to avoid obstacles like tree and bushes that will block you. Balance is key to continue your march forward to bunny mayhem, so keep yourself steady to avoid falling flat on your back. You have to kill enough to fill the meter in order to move onto the next level.

Jack Russell

Jack Russell is a Puzzle Game where you have to draw a path between the start point and the food bowl so that Jack can walk on it! Draw the paths such that you make Jack collect the bones to gain points and avoid the mines and other threats. Don't draw a steep line or the puppy will fall through. Draw a vertical line to change Jack's direction.

Hungry Insects

Hungry Insects is a physics puzzle game with 20 levels. Your mission is to help these hungry insects to reach the food or bring the food to them. Action takes place in a house hold environment so objects used are from the house. Drop the items so these insects can walk over them to reach the food they are looking for.

How to make a Sequel

The fun sequel of the famous game "How to make a game", by Keybol. In that part, you will have to solve the different levels and get the cow to the exit overcoming the obstacles among the way. It won't be an easy task, some of the levels are pretty tough and required you to use your skills in order to do so.

Horsey Racing

Horsey Racing! A nice horse racing game you can either play in quick race mode or in tournament mode to complete the track in the least amount of time possible to come in first. You need to be very careful in controlling the horse and jump over the obstacles to save time. Don't forget to grab as many power-ups as possible along the way to increase your odds! Have Fun!

Horse Athletics

It's a day at the races, and you're up to win the derby! With 5 events aimed to throw you off your game, will you have what it takes to make it? Alternate your left and right arrows to get the speed you need! Warning: Be prepared to put some mashing skills to the test on your keyboard. Don't blame us if you need a few new keys!


Help Horace the baby giraffe from being tranquilized by the cruel park ranger. Cover the longest possible distance to earn maximum points. You must clear all the obstacles like sleeping lions and hanging monkeys on your way. You will slow down If you hit an obstacle and the ranger will get closer to you. Eventually being able to shoot you.

Honey Bunny

In Honey Bunny you must fly through the sky and attempt to pick honey pots, smash eggs for special items and try to avoid colliding with the bats and bombs that are trying to end your adventure! Your honey pot tracker is located in the upper right corner of the screen, you must use this to help point the way to the honey pots and eggs as they are all scattered in the air. So stay alert as you will need great reflexes to go far in this game.

Home Sheep Home 2: Lost Underground

Shaun the Sheep is back for an all new adventure! Help the three sheep make their way through underground mines so that they can safely return home. Utilise their unique abilities to solve puzzles and get past obstacles in this physics-based puzzle.

Holy crap bears

Rescue your chicken from imminent mauling by vicious bears

Hippo the Brave Knight

Help the brave hippo to solve the puzzles and get the crown back home. Join the brave hippo i the great journey around the hippos world, walk with him and guide hi, through the greatest adventures ever in a fascinating and interesting game. If you are stuck, there is a walkthrough movie that will help you pass the different levels.

Highland Cow Jigsaw

Highland Cow Jigsaw is very interesting free online farm jigsaw game. This game will like every one that adores farm and jigsaw games. This game has four different game modes: easy, medium, hard and expert. In this game first you will see an image, the image presents highland cow on the field. Then the image will split into pieces. In the easy game mode the image will split into 12 pieces, in the medium into 48, in the hard game mode into 108 and in the expert game mode into 192 pieces. First select the game mode that you like to play and then start playing the game. Press shuffle and the pieces of the image will mix. Your job is to bring the pieces to the right place. Use your mouse to drag the pieces of the image to the right place. Also try to be very fast because the game is time limited, but there is an option to remove the time and to play relaxed. Use your puzzle solving skills to solve this fun jigsaw game. Play this awesome free online farm game and have a great fun!

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