Sea Lab 2021

In a Gradius-style adventure, you play as Dr. Quinn to stop Stormy from accidentally blowing up SeaLab. With elements taken from SeaLab 2021, expect some hints of sarcasm and slight humor to accompany this simple, yet challenging auto-scroller. 3-way shooting, force fields, speed ups...everything you need to pass the time. Can you save SeaLab?

Scoobydoo Escape from Coolsonian

Scooby is trapped in the Coolsonian Museum. Help him find his way through the three exhibit halls before the ends up on permanent display. Click on things in the rooms to find and use clues. Use your head to sleuth an escape. Good luck! and hurry!

Scoobydoo Adventures Episode 3

Horror on the High Seas: Episode 3 - Reef Relief! Reef Relief, the long awaited third episode of Horror on the High Seas.

Scoobydoo Adventures Episode 2

Horror on the High Seas: Episode 2 - Neptune's Nest Episode 2 of the Horror on the High Seas game.

Scoobydoo Adventures Episode 1

Horror on the High Seas: Episode 1 - The Ghost Pirate Attacks Help Scooby and Shaggy get to the bottom of this mysterious pirate caper.


In Savages, the aim is to pick your warrior and complete different challenging missions by aiming and shooting accurately at your targets without getting hit by your opponent in order to become the next Savage Chief. Remember! You can either play against the AI or a friend. Go ahead and snatch your rightful place as leader!

Savage Pursuit

Dr. Animo sends his mutant animals to retrieve the components for his transmodulator. Ben, Gwen and Grandpa Max know that Animo is up to something. They decide it to check io out themselves. Ben must recover the components before Animo completes his device.

Salta Col

Salta Col is a jumping game like no other. Today there is only one male and female Salta col in existence but unfortunately they are worlds apart. You have to help the male reach the female through a series of caves in Badmilk or else the Salta col will become extinct. Make him jump through the levels, open the exit doors using the lever and move on to the next level. Avoid all the bushes and other obstacles along your way.

Safes Rooms Escape

Safes Rooms Escape is a point and click/room escape game in which you need to try and escape from the house. Investigate many rooms with lots of clues and items to pick up. The clues will help you to open safes and more doors. so make sure you have a good look around each room and don't leave anything unturned.

Rush Hour

Rush Hour is a collecting game. The aim of the game is to collect as many stars as you can before the time runs out. The faster you collect the stars, the higher your score becomes. You need to be careful, if you get hit by cars or any other dangerous obstacles, you will lose time on the clock. If you run out of time, you will lose, so move as fast as you can.

Runes Of Shalak

Runes Of Shalak is an Old Style Platform Adventure Game. The game has simple graphics and controls. The aim is to run and jump from platform to platform collecting coins. Once you have colleced all the coins on one level, a magic door will open to take you to the next level. After a few levels, different kind of dangers will start to appear but dont worry you have unlimited lives.

Run Run

Timing is key in Run Run. You have a very limited arsenal of moves: small jump with the UP arrow, and a big jump with the SPACEBAR. Touching any object on screen will reduce your life count. Even though you have a lot, and there are only 25 levels, you will be tested to get out of the warehouse with no damage. Have you got what it takes to Run Run?

Run Red Run

Little Red Riding Hood arrived to her grandmother house and look what she found... OMG It's a scary wolf! Help Little red riding hood to run away as far as she can and escape the hungry wolf. Collect the apples on your way, use the funny upgrades and try to be the best player in the world in that running game.

Run Lil Broccoli

This poor little broccoli is on the cook's recipe list and you have to help it escape the terrible fate set out for it. Pick up the bananas as you run and throw them behind you so that the cook will step on them and fall over. Be careful, if he gets too close he will chop you up. Run as far as you can to score more points.

Ruins Escape

The little robot is lost in the ruins.Help him to escape from the ruins.This game has 15 levels. Every level is funny.

Royal Envoya

Take the King's challenge! Save the wonderful land of countless islands from the merciless forces of nature. Construct and upgrade homes and buildings for the island citizens and become the chief city planner of marvellous Islandshire. Think your way to triumph in this challenging and mesmerizing game of pirates, treasure and hot-air balloon adventures. Don't lose a chance to experience all of the exclusive Collectors Edition extras: Take a peek at the authentic artwork, learn how the characters were created, enjoy the original soundtracks or get the magnificent wallpapers that will turn your desktop into a magical kingdom!

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