Survivor is a shooting game where you kill zombies to stay alive. In this game the apocalypse has ravaged the city, but luckily you have escaped to the woods and are holding up in a building for safety. However, the zombies have come knocking, so it's time to make your final heroic stand against the unstoppable horrors!!

Super Click

Click at least 100 times on the smiley moving around the screen. Get extra points for multiple clicks, clicks close to smiley's center and playing at highter levels. All you need to do is click the face before it moves away and keep following it and clicking for a high score if you miss you lose score.

Sugar Drop

Its rainy season again in sugarville and that means its munching time! Try to get some power ups to increase your survivability and beat the highscore in this cute little game. You can pick from you to three characters to play as in the game. Eat all the falling sweets while avoiding incoming non-sweet food.

Subs Away

In Subs Away, you dive into the deep ocean in your submarine and fight off swarms of angry attacking fish. Do you have what it takes to fight them all? Collect bonuses along the way to ensure victory! You can hold down the fire button (left click) as there is no limit to your ammo! Good luck submarriner


An epic space action-adventure game with beautiful visual effects. Defend the galaxy against an encroaching enemy invasion force with an increasingly powerful array of weapons and upgrades. fly around space new zones though worm holes and upgrade your ship as you fight your way though space. WASD or Arrow keys for movement, mouse to control ship turret.


Defend your 'Spiroid generator'. Survive from oxifage's attacks using a full range of weapons. hordes of foes where you have to survive You get more weapons as you go on on each wave new foes come and stronger ones.! To play this game you use keyboard and mouse, Space to shoot arrows to move around.

Speed Ball 1

infant 4 to 8 years and up age. the aim of the game is to keep the ball from falling of the bottom of the screen while also keeping it in the aim for as load as possible. the longer you keep it up and you increase the game in levels and speed as it goes on. use the arrows left and right to keep the ball in motion ...

Space Rings

Space Rings is an addictive puzzle game that will keep you busy for hours. The objective is to return the colored balls to their original positions after mixing them up.This may seem easy, but because movement of one ring interferes with the other, it can prove quite a challenge. Space Rings is brought to you by SWFZone Online Games.

Space Pong

Space pong is a relaxing yet challenging arcade game in which the user much launch the ball and bounce it through objectives to score points. Reach the point limit to progress to the next level and avoid objects that are glowing red. Hitting them will reduce your points and inhibit your progress to the next stages of this arcade game.

Sniper : Year One

Take on the role of the ultimate sniper in this slick sniping game with 12 levels.use the mouse to aim, space to unscope. Follow the briefings and try not to take out an innocents. Each level is different alot of the levels are time based levels so think fast and aim true good luck and good hunting.

Smiley Cloud Jump

Very simple game - jump on the clouds, avoid falling! In Smiley Cloud Jump you play as a Smiley Sun where the aim of the game is to not fall and to get higher in the sky to gain higher points the higher up you get gets more points to go up on the leaderboard. to play smiley cloud jump use your arrow keys to move the sun


It's zombies season! You have to smash all of them with the weights that you have in SmashZ. Try to smash them all and collect all of the stars on the same time. Play 30 fun levels of a great physics/puzzle game with a lot of zombies to crash and many weights to drop. What are you waiting for? Go kill those Zombies!

Sky Kings Racing

Sky Kings Racing is mid-air Racing Game. Race through the skies to prove your skill by maneuvering through 24 intense highly detailed 3D tracks. You will have to go through all the checkpoints in each course as fast as you can to gain one of three types of medal from bronze to silver then finally to gold. You will earn Fog Coins based upon your time and your skill, or you can cheat and spend your existing coins to unlock all the levels.

Skeleton the sharpshooter

Click the skeleton, fix the direction of the arrow with the arrow and fix the power by dragging. The arrow will go out when you take your finger off from the drag. You need to hit the apples that your colleagues are holding. more levels you do the harder the game will be. Use Mouse Drag and aim at the foes.

Sixty Second Search

In Sixty Second Search, skill, speed and accuracy are essential. Use the arrow keys to quickly navigate the constantly changing maze in this fast paced retro game. Can you last 60 seconds and beat the game? You got to be fast to last in the sixty second search if you fail it will reset the game for another sixty seconds.

Silver Pegasus

Find five differences between the two pictures. Good art work, relaxing effect. Silver Pegasus has 40 levels each a new picture with 5 differences in that you have to find them they are both different to each other and you are all so timed on each level for a score at the end of the level and scored for each incorrect guess you have.

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